Sunday, March 25, 2012

easy and cheap test motivation goodies

I wanted to share some quick
and EASY and
ways to encourage your kiddos
on the upcoming state tests
(just the thought of a state test gives me liver pain... really it does...
I have stress induced liver pain... OUCH)
anywho I wanted my kiddos to know how much I believe in them
I came up with these goodies
and thought you guys might want to do these too

snack sized baggie and one bunny peep
gave these to them Friday before they went home
they LUVD them
like {puffy} heart love

yep another cute paperclip
got them from Hob Lob
will give this to them on Monday...
test is Tuesday and Wednesday

little egg and a strip of encouragement
thought of putting in a REAL PEEP

no room
they will get this before they leave on Monday

so there you have it...
3 little things
so easy too
all materials were bought at TARGET
see now you have an excuse to head off to TARGET
a teacher's BFF

love Farley


  1. Im your newest follower!! check out my new blog at

  2. This is a cute idea to rest their anxious minds. My kids will be testing soon too. Thank for sharing the sweet idea.

  3. I LOVE these cheap and easy motivational gifts. I'm going to share this post with my Facebook "fans." :)

  4. Cute ideas. I am your newest follower.


  5. really good ideas.... i think im just as nervous for my boys ...oh boy!!!

  6. Thanks so much for these cute and clever ideas. I am sooooooo doing these for my 4th graders!!

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