Sunday, July 31, 2011

crayon remix:)

I made these for my students for Valentine's day but wanted to share with back to school starting.  If you are a teacher why not whip up a batch for your new students?  Parents- what a great project to do with your children:) Or just an anytime gift.

To make your crayons you need
:used crayons
:baking tray such as a muffin tin or a cute shaped tin (hearts, cars, there are some really cute ones out there) I've heard from other bloggers that silicon molds work really well.
: a professional crayon peeler. Well not really but it's good to have some helping hands for the first step

Find some crayons. It's best to go through old crayons rather than buy some new ones

Lucky for me I have a whole box full at my house;)
Prepping your crayons is simply this:
Peeling off the paper, and breaking them down into small pieces to fit inside the muffin tin.
(this is the part where helping hands comes in use)

Next you need to spray your tins (so your crayons won't stick), then break up the crayons to fit. 

 Next: bake the crayons.  You want to make sure you bake them until you see no pieces. (all liquid)
250 for about 15 min should be good 

let them cool them pop them out
Here are mine all sealed and ready to be delivered.

Last: pull out all the paper, coloring books you have and get busy!:)


  1. Super-de-duper cute teamie!!! And Earth friendly...the stuff that crayons are made of are not good for the garbage piles to what an awesome way to recycle and love the Earth too:))

    4th Grade Frolics

  2. I love it! Thanks for the detailed, easy-to-follow directions!!


  3. I made these for my kids as an end of the year gift. It was great during the last week of school when you needed something to occupy their time. I gave them all our used crayons and told them to peel them and break them apart! LOL.
    Lessons Learned