Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Personalized Scrabble Game

 Just wanted to share a project I LOVE
making for gifts....
OLD Scrabble Board
LOTS of Scrabble Letters
 a Nail &
a Letter tray
in the middle
(just like you are making the first move)
 make the recipients last name...
all future words will come off this last name...
then start building off the last name...
make their names, their pets, kids, special dates, phrases, places, etc...
be creative...
our wedding date is October 10th so I used a blank and an I and an O for the 10 ((HA HA SNEAKY))
AFTER you have them placed and you check for spelling....
GLUE them down!!!

I made this one for me...so while it was drying
I got the letter tile tray (or rack)
and I nailed to the wall using ONE little nail.
Make sure the tray is nailed to the wall as if it were going to hold the letters...
 and after it dries.... put it in place!!!

I hope you enjoyed my QUICK and simple idea!!!
These make great wedding shower gifts....
Christmas gifts
New Home gifts
and just a GREAT GIFT PERIOD!!!!
AND.... they don't have to hang on the wall my aunt keeps hers out on the table in her game room!!!
I can usually find lots of Scrabble games at thrift stores and garage sales!!!
PLUS it is FUN!!!!


  1. OH MY GOSH! I love this idea!!! My boyfriend and I are absolutely addicted to Scrabble! I showed him the picture just now and we decided we'll have to do something like this to display at our wedding! Thanks for the great tip!

  2. Love Scrabble, but I LOVE this idea even more. You are so creative!!!

  3. I know someone that loves to collect old games. This would be a perfect gift for her!

  4. LOVE this idea!!! Too CUTE!! Definitely going to make this :)

  5. I love this!! We are huge scrabble fans! I think we have an old scrabble board!!

  6. I made one of these as an engagement gift one time, and even took it a step further and mounted it in a shadow box. I love that they have it hanging in their kitchen!

    Lessons Learned

  7. Ooooh I LOVE This! I have a friend who is crazy for Scrabble! I'm going to send her the link AND I've got to "PIN" it too! Fabulous Idea!