Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Vintage Earring Hair Pins and Clips

I LOVE antiques and anything vintage so decided to make some hair accessories out of vintage earrings.
Here's what you need to get started:

- vintage earrings

- hair pins and clips
- heavy duty glue (I used a glue called E6000)
- Small needle nose pliers

These are super simple:)  First you need to break/bend off the earring backs.  If you are using vintage earrings, they usually pop off pretty easily.

After this is done, simply glue the earring to the clips or pins.  I tried hot glue at first and the earrings just popped off.  You really need a stronger bonding type glue.  Let them sit over night and in the morning, they're ready to wear:))

Happy Craftin:)


  1. Hi Tara. Blogger would not let me leave a comment here earlier, so I commented on your other blog as well. I really LOVE this idea and can't wait to make a hair pin using one of my most cherished earrings (wish I had not lost the other earring), but now I can enjoy the one I have left. Thanks for sharing:)
    Tina Rubie
    Rubies Place