Saturday, September 24, 2011

boring gift card to Most Memorable Gift

My problem...
what do you buy a 2 year old 
who has every cute girly thing possible....because
her mama and Aunt Fancy own the cutest
(google or facebook Bless Your Heart Giftique if you want to know what I am talking about)
Answer... a gift card!!
How boring right!!!
Not if you get a cute butterfly gift card and do this....

 First gather your supplies...
1 jar
1 tag
1 fake leaf
1 fake flower
some glitter
some sparkles
butterfly or other bug shaped gift card
and ribbon...lots of ribbon
and tool (is that spelled right)
you know that meshy stuff tutus are made of
and 1 pony tail holder
oh and a loaded glue gun
 yes I am doing this on my stove
best place for my hot glue
and since I like to to make a mess with hot glue I can peel it right off of this :)
and any flakes you see are glitter :) NOT food
I made this and then took it apart because I thought
OH I can POST this
so when I dumped the glitter I made a mess!!!

glue the gift card to the leaf

 while your jar is empty measure your ribbon around the top and get that ready
go ahead and tie it around the top of the empty jar and slide it off
trust me it will help you!!!
TRUST ME on this one!!!
 fill the jar with sparkles
 lots of sparkles
 push and shove your leaf
around until it looks good
 add your fake flower and sprinkle some glitter
 i use the tool ribbon so I cut 3 sections and laid them on top of the jar
each one in a different direction
 use your hair tie to hold the tool in place and put a dab or blob of glue
on the side where you want all of the ribbons to fall
so it will be hidden
 slide your already knotted ribbon
from earlier over the
top and make sure
to cover the hair tie
 add a few more dabs of glue
to keep the ribbons in place
 add your gift tag
so they know who this cuteness is from

you are done!!!

it really takes a
blah gift card to a
more personal and thoughtful gift
it was a hit at the party too!!!

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  1. So cute! I don't know how I missed this one. I really need to catch up on my blog hopping!!! I love this gift idea. Can't wait to use it for my daughter's friends.