Saturday, September 10, 2011

D.I.Y. Felt Car Play Mat

I saw some adorable felt play mats on Pinterest and just had to make one for Wyatt.  He loves playing with little cars and pretty much anything with wheels. Now I am just trying to decide if I should give it to him tomorrow when he wakes up...or buy some new cars and things for it and give it to him as a Christmas gift?? What do you think??

I started with a 5' x 3' foot piece of green felt, fairly cheap at the fabric store. For everything else I used the 8.5" x 11" pieces of felt from Michael's...they are less than a dollar each. They even have some cute textured ones I used for the stone pathways at the park.

I used my rotary cutter for the first time to cut all my straight lines, but everything else I cut by hand. I don't have a lot of free time, so I just went for it.  My mother-in-law gave me a huge cutting mat...I asked her to borrow hers for this project and she said she had a brand new one that she hadn't even taken out of the box, because it was to big for her table...SCORE!!! It worked great. 

I put the whole board together with a glue gun, because I don't know how to sew very well...and glue gun seemed easier, until I really badly burned four of my fingers last night...not fun.

Here is a close up look at the different sections of the board.


 Construction Zone




 Parking Lot/ Shopping Center...and Target too!

Zoo...after burning my finger there was no way I could make felt animals...these were I think 59 cents at Michael's.