Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fall Decor

So, it's really hard for me to get in the "Fall" mood because Florida doesn't get cool enough or have the pretty trees.....yes, we cool down but it takes forever!!!!  Anyway, I try to get inspired and decorate anyway:)  I struggle with going to the store and buying already put together swags, and things because a) they usually are pretty pricey and b) they usually aren't exactly what I like.  So, I go to Michaels and buy separate pieces of foliage that I like and then break them apart to put around my house.

I am quite impressed with how real these leaves look.

Magnolia leaves that I pulled apart into smaller sections.

Branches of seed pods that I also pulled apart.

Gourds or pumpkins.  I had some that looked real but saw these at Ross and had to have them cuz they have glitter and they match my napkin rings I got at Pier One.

 Once you have all the different pieces, start layering.  I start with the biggest things first and then just add, tucking and layering as I go.  Then when it's time to put it away and get out Christmas, just put them back in their "piles" and they are ready for next fall.
Yes, that's a pumpkin on a candlestick....weird but I kinda like it.

That's a big twig pumpkin in the middle...

Happy Fall all!!

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