Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Baby Shower gift idea: Cupcake Washcloths

One of the teacher's at my school had a baby shower during the school year.  As a do it yourself fanatic I wanted to make her a gift and began searching for "inspiration".  I came across Cupcake washcloths and knew I had a winner.  These are super simple to make and oh so adorable. 

All you need to make these are: 
1) washcloths
2) cupcake liners 
3) rubber bands or ribbon to secure the "cupcake"

Here's the instructions:
Step 1:Lay a baby washcloth flat on a hard surface. Jelly-roll the washcloth lengthwise until you have a long, flat roll. 
Step 2:
Starting at one end, roll the washcloth up to the other end. Roll up at an angle instead of straight across to get the icing look. Adjust as needed to get your desired look. 
Step 3:

Tie a ribbon or rubber band around the cupcake to secure it.  

How you display them is completely up to you.  Here's how mine turned out:
 aren't they adorable?

 I displayed mine in a cute lil basket

Now go get inspired,


  1. Love this idea! One of my teaching teammates is pregnant and I will have to use this idea for her shower! Thanks for the inspiration!
    Penny Pinching Teacher

  2. I love this! I think it's going to have to be my new go-to baby shower gift. I love the border on the wash cloths. It adds such a nice touch to the cupcakes.