Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday Shopping Spree

Over at Create-Teach-Share {my teacher blog} I shared some great finds from my shopping spree this morning. While I was out I picked up these Accent Gems from Dollar Tree and these Magnets from Joann's ($1.29 a pack):
Here's how I used them to create adorable magnets for my home and classroom:

First, I traced the stones onto scraps of scrapbook paper that I had left over from another project...
Next, I cut them out and used mod podge to paste them to the bottom of the gems...
Last, I used a glue gun to add the magnets to the back...
This was such a simple and inexpensive project, and I love how they turned out!!!


  1. Super cute! You did what your blog title says...... You created, shared, and now inspired me to make some myself! :)

    Fabulous 4th Grade Froggies @

  2. So cute girl!!! Making these tomorrow:)

    4th Grade Frolics

  3. Another reason to never throw out your scraps--you could make a bunch of magnets with what someone might normally throw away!

  4. I used the exact same gems and magnets as a Christmas gift this year from the students to their parents. The kids stamped the inital for thier last name on oak tag, then glued it to construction paper, watered down glue to attach to the gem and then glue to attach the magnet to the construction paper... a cheap little gift that the parents liked!

  5. I wish I would have read this post before going to Joann's today! They are to fun! I want to try!

  6. I trace the circles out of white paper, then have students write their name and decorate the paper. Then add put the magnet together. For the rest of the year, their magnet is how they make their lunch choice each day.

  7. Love these! I did some using Microsoft Word. My granddaughters and I typed in a variety of fonts inside a small circle shape. We did initials, their names, some funny titles like sassy, cute, etc. and we used different backgrounds from the thousands I have on my computer because I am a clip art and font junkie. Some were zebra, some were flowers... just whatever matched the grandchild or what they chose. They were cute.