Saturday, July 23, 2011

So Simple Saturday -- Using Walnut Ink

Looking to add an antiqued look to your paper and fabric's very simple.

I use a mix of Walnut Ink Crystals and Hot Water to age my paper. The container gives measurements, but I usually add more of the ink crystals to make it darker. If you don't have Walnut Ink instant coffee or tea works too, and makes your project smell yummy too.
I suggest mixing your liquid in a large, flat container so you are not limited to the size of the items you want to stain.  Also collect as many things as you can to stain at once, because the liquid dries up within a couple days.

Right now, I am getting ready to work on some decorations for my son's first birthday so I stained a bunch of off white cardstock. I will also be working on scrapbooking some camping pages soon, so I stained some ribbon.  

The paper dries pretty quick, within a few hours and the ribbon even faster. Once your items are stained you can do anything with them.

I will post pictures of my son's party decorations as soon as they are done, but for now here are a few projects I made last Christmas.


Ornament (for this fabric my mom and I used a mix of water, instant coffee, and vanilla extract) I haven't tried using the walnut ink on fabric yet...

Happy Crafting, 

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